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Many escort agencies offer membership schemes, but none of them offer a scheme with the same kind of benefits as Adora Escorts. Above anything else, it’s a scheme designed for the most elite of our clients, offering the finest girls to the kind of high flying, powerful people who demand the best and know how to appreciate it.

If you know anything about Adora Escorts, then you know that we like to do things differently. We don’t just hire girls who are pretty or attractive, we hire models that are absolutely stunning. Just one look at our gallery will make it plain just how high our standards are. Even more than this, we don’t just hire girls who look like the models you see posing in magazines, we make sure that they have a personality as appealing as their faces and bodies. Our girls are warm, friendly and outgoing, with the kind of positive outlook on life and easy going attitude that makes spending time with them a total pleasure.

If you like what you see and would like to see it in person, then why not consider becoming a member of Adora Escorts. The process is simple, your details remain absolutely confidential and the benefits make it worth absolutely every penny:

Joining Fees:
It very simple – we have a single charge off £500 for your membership with Adora Escorts escort agency. If you’ve seen the kind of girls we supply, you’ll understand that this is a very small price to pay for increased access and a host of other benefits

You can pay this fee via a transfer to our business account, through western union or in cash to one of our models, when you meet them in person.

Once you’ve joined, your membership lasts for a year.

Any client who makes a travel booking, having a model flown out to meet them in another part of the world, will receive a complimentary membership as part of the package

The Benefits:
– All of our models, both those based in the UK, Dubai and the models we have in other parts of the world, will be listed for you to make your selection from

– Exclusive London only models will also be listed. These are the girls who are the absolute crème de la crème of escorts. Many of them are working models and only see VIP candidates under conditions of complete discretion and privacy. We offer those conditions, and so we can offer the finest models to our elite members.

– We also list travel only models exclusively available just to our members. The jet set clients who join our membership scheme can take advantage of our jet set models, available wherever in the world they happen to be.

– Members are able to see full face photographs of all models, making the selection even more tempting

– Nearly all models also display a selection of selfie / natural pictures for members to peruse. Even before you arrange your meeting, simply looking though our membership section will prove to be a pleasure in its own right.

If you love beautiful girls and want to share your time with a model who will make you proud to be seen out with her, and happy to have her to yourself, then take out a Adora Escorts membership right now. All of our clients enjoy a prestige experience, our members are in an elite all of their own, and so are the girls they get to enjoy.

All the details of the membership benefits are listed above, but if there’s any other questions that you may have or queries relating to memberships, do feel free to contact us 0750 777 0070 or you can fill in the contact form on Contact Us page.