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Blonde escorts are undoubtedly one of the most popular kinds of ladies. Marilyn Monroe once famously starred in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which featured this fair-haired beauty as a showgirl who wows every man she meets. Whether gentlemen really do prefer blondes or not is open to debate, but all we know is that when our clients want to meet a lady to show off in public, then chances are they ask for a blonde girl.

If your preference is for blonde escorts, then you are going to love our selection of elite London companions. Our agency is proud to represent the most exclusive blonde escorts in London, and you will certainly be proud to be seen alongside any of these fair maidens.

What makes blonde escorts so special?

We have all heard that blondes have more fun. Is this really true, or do guys just have more fun in the company of blonde girls? There have been plenty of experiments made on Tinder that show a brunette girl who dyes her hair blonde can increase her matches by up to 200%, so it certainly seems that men tend to prefer the thought of spending an evening in the company of a sexy blonde lady.

A likely explanation for this is the fact that blonde hair is actually quite rare, occurring in less than 10% of people, even in Northern Europe. And it might just be that this rarity is what makes blonde ladies so enticing to men. The idea that they can spend time with such an exciting and hard-to-get woman is one that makes men very eager to meet blonde escorts.

Another factor that may make blonde escorts such a powerful draw for many men is the association between having fair hair and being younger, which is of course a sign of fertility.

Whatever the reasons behind our tastes, there can be no doubt that for many of us, blonde girls are the ultimate status symbol to have on our arm when we go out for the evening. If we want to make a good impression at a business function in the City, for example, a blonde London escort is a sure-fire way to gain leverage over rivals.

And once our public display of chest-beating dominance is over, we all look forward to heading back to the privacy of our hotel room, to see if blonde girls really do have more fun.

Tips on choosing blonde escorts in London

If you have already decided that your chosen companion should be a fair-haired girl, then that doesn’t mean that you should accept any blonde escort as your partner for the evening.

While a blonde London girl will of course make a great first impression in public, there will probably be other factors to consider. For a start, what about the rest of her look? Would you prefer a slim blonde model by your side, or do your tastes run more to the busty blonde girl look? Either option is fine, you just need to make sure to select the lady who best suits your preferences.

Then there is the question of personality. A fair-haired woman may be stunning to look at, but on a London escort date these days, high-class manners, discretion and an ability to hold a conversation are just as vital.

In short, your chosen companion should be a truly exclusive blonde escort.

As London’s most elite provider of female companionship, our high-class girls are the most exclusive in the capital, so contact us now to arrange the perfect date with one of our blonde escorts.